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Professional-Grade Rubber Kitchen Dish Drying Mat, Bar Mat, Glass Drainer Dryer Rack, Service Mat

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Our Professional-Grade Rubber Dish Drying Mat is the ideal Dish-Drying-Solution for every American Household. Throw out your old and unhygienic cloth drying mats - and upgrade to our Professional-Grade Drying Mat. Similar mats have been used in the Service Industry like Hotels, Bars and Restaurants for decades - and it is our goal to bring this quality product into all American Households now. 

We designed our Mat to specially meet the needs of regular household use. Unlike other Mats, our 'Star-Design' offers more open spaces for the air to ventilate from underneath  the wet dishes. This significantly cuts down on drying-time and makes our Mat more efficient compared to other rubber mats - and much more efficient than the regular cloth drying mats.

Another benefit of the 'Star-Design' is the fact that our Mat is easier to clean than other rubber mats. Most other mats have smaller 'bristles' that are much closer to each other and therefore it is much more difficult to clean in between those 'bristles'. Our Mat can easily be cleaned with some dish-washing liquid, warm water and a regular dish-brush.

NO ODOR - unlike many other rubber mats that we have tested, our Mat does not emit any bad rubber-odors. You would be surprised that even professional Restaurant-Supply-Stores often times sell inferior rubber mats that emit a horrible smell.

Our non-slip Drying Mat is perfect for the kitchen - and also for these applications:

  • in your Home Wet Bar
  • in your RV
  • in your Wine Cellar
  • in your vacation Home
  • out by the BBQ Grill
  • and many more....

Our Mat is heat resistant up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. So you could also use our Mat as a pot holder on your kitchen counter or on your dining table.

Of course we would love to see our Mats in many professional environments as well -  your Restaurant, Bar or Hotel. We guarantee that you will love the superior quality of our Drying Mat.

The Mat is made of the thermoplastic PVC. PVC is is the world's third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. It is used to make a wide variety of injection molded products in various areas from construction to food packaging and even healthcare.

Our Mat is not dishwasher safe. We recommend that you hand-wash the Mat. You can simply rinse it off under warm water or use a kitchen dish-brush and some dish-washing liquid to clean tougher stains. The high temperatures in a modern dishwasher let plastics and rubbers age much faster, which will eventually lead to premature failure in the long-run. Please see a cleaning tip in the 'My 2 cents' section below.

The Mat is 17 3/4 inches long, 11 3/4 inches wide and 3/8 of an inch thick. The weight  is approximately  2 pounds.

My 2 cents:     I have been using these professional-grade bar mats for many years while I was working in different restaurant environments in Germany. It wasn't until I moved to the United States and started this business when I realized that these mats could be a really good solution for regular household use. I noticed that many people here in the United States use these cloth drying mats in their kitchens. Due to a lack of alternative, I used one of those myself at the very beginning of my residency here - and I hated it. It was not very effective, a pain to clean and also not very hygienic. So I knew I had to come up with a better solution.

I reached out to one of our manufacturing-partners that specializes in restaurant equipment - and we developed and designed our Mat to perfectly fit your regular household needs.

I hope you will love this mat just as much as I do!

One quick advice about cleaning:  I regularly (about once a week) clean my mat the following way: I place it into the sink and give it a quick rinse. Then, I apply a few drops of dish-washing liquid and brush it with a regular kitchen brush. Lastly,  I just rinse it off and let it air dry. It takes me maybe 2 minutes to clean the mat - so it's really quick and easy.

This product ships for free via USPS Priority Mail.

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Salt Pepper Grinder, Service Mat Review

This is the 3rd time I've ordered from DirectStoreUSA. Ingo is excellent to work with he communicates when your order has shipped so you can be prepared to receive it. Don't hesitate or debate about these grinders as they are excellent the drying mat works great as my wife leaves it on the counter all the time. Merry Christmas to you and your staff Ingo.

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We use our tornado to make grandson's food.
it was so simple and used fresh fruits and veggies,no garbage additives and no added sugar

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I love the design of this Tornado Nut Milk Bag. Very easy to handle and use. The seams are outside of the bag so cleaning the bag is so easy. No hassles. The round circle band of the bag allows this bag to stand on its own to dry. I love this feature.

I would highly recommend this product. It is a game changer for me.


Excellent product. We used to have to get a new blender every 6-12 months. Sucked! but this blender is powerful and durable. Great blender.

Excelente servicio y excelente calidad de producto


Strong and reliable. Superior service.

We bought the blender about a year ago. We use it almost daily and heavily. Mainly to make soups and smoothies.

My wife is diabetic so we really love all the options that this blender gives us. The owner provided us with a free recipe book and he also gave us recommendations where to find more. I appreciated his friendly service, as this has become rare these days.
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