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TORNADO High-Performance Blender

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My name is Ingo Schiermann - I am the founder and owner of DirectStoreUSA.com LLC - a small family owned & operated business located in Las Vegas, NV.   

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Our TORNADO easily compares to the market-leading high-performance blenders made by Vitamix®. And it blows away all these low-end blenders, which claim they can do what only the best ones can. 

This blender was developed & designed with a true passion for blending, juicing and a healthy lifestyle in general. And we are 100% convinced that you will love this machine just as much as we do.  

Developing this blender took us more than 3 years. This may seem like a long time, and you are right! Our goal was to create a 'perfect' blender, as we would not accept any flaws or design-issues that we have come across on all other blenders on the market.

We love this machine, and we truly hope that you will join our passion!  

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Our TORNADO is just as versatile as the marked-leading blenders – and the possibilities are endless.

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Premium Appliance

This blender is a premium appliance at a very competitive price point. The built-quality is outstanding and I'm sure that it'll last for an extended period of time.

Dean Meyers

Dr. Oz Green Juice

I wanted to make the green juice that Dr. Oz made in his show so I got this blender. I love it and the juices turn out really smooth and I feel fantastic and full of energy



Got the blender 2 months ago and so far I'm more than happy with it. It does a superb job destroying all ingredients into a smooth blend, even my nuts and seeds

Kathy F


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Customer Reviews

94 reviews
Strong and reliable. Superior service.

We bought the blender about a year ago. We use it almost daily and heavily. Mainly to make soups and smoothies.

My wife is diabetic so we really love all the options that this blender gives us. The owner provided us with a free recipe book and he also gave us recommendations where to find more. I appreciated his friendly service, as this has become rare these days.
I recommend this Tornado blender to anybody, especially those who are suffering from diabetes.

Fantastic blender

I am very pleased with the power and quality of this blender! It is very similar to many of the leading brands of high end blenders on the market.

Very useful potent and easy

Very useful potent and easy to use

still getting to know it

when i first used it, it gaveboff a smell when i ran it.. kind of like off gassing, i didn’t like that. but that has chilled out.

i really like it.. as the title says i’m getting to know it.

so far i have made licuados, salad dressing, ...

i like it so far.. yes.

This blender is amazing!

This blender is by far the best. I have owned all kinds and different brand of blenders and nothing beats this one. It purifies perfectly everytime and makes it easier to drink fruits and
Veggies. I love this blender I wish I would've bought before I bough all the other ones. If your looking for a high quality blender ant a affordable price this is for you.