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Set of 2 TORNADO Nut Milk Bags - the Next Evolution of Strainer Bags (2 PACK)

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Our TORNADO Nut Milk Bag is designed and manufactured by experienced experts in commercial-grade filters for industrial applications. The combination of innovative design-ideas, expertise in materials and years of manufacturing-experience results in a Nut Milk Bag that is superior to all other products on the market - it is the next evolution of Nut Milk Bags.

Its exclusive design, commercial-grade materials and superior craftsmanship set our Nut Milk Bag apart from all other bags on the market.

The unique design of our bag makes pouring liquids into the bag a breeze. Forget all these drawstring bags and the mess that they create. The sturdy ring-opening allows you to precisely pour your liquids into the bag.

Simply hold the ring in one hand, and pour your liquids into the bag with the other hand. Never again do you have to wrap your bag around a container or pitcher to get results.

Our Nut Milk Bag is the perfect strainer for all kinds of fruit or vegetable juices - as well as all variations of nut milks like almond or coconut milk. Or how about rice milk? Your options are endless.

The ideal size mesh only allows the milk and its nutrients to pass through, ensuring smooth and delicious results. No grainy pulp - just thick, rich and nutritious beverages. 

If you already own our TORNADO High-Performance Blender or maybe a Vitamix, our Nut Milk Bag makes the perfect accessory as it will create the smoothest and most delicious textures. 

We designed our bag with durability in mind. The seams on our bag are much stronger and much more durable than on any other bag we have tested. So please don't be afraid to squeeze hard - our bag will take it.

Another huge advantage of our bag over the regular drawstring bags is the fact that our bag is very easy to clean and even easier to dry.

The rounded clean-cut edges of our bag make cleaning a breeze. And with all seams being on the outside and away from the fluids, they will never become very soiled to begin with.

In order to clean our bag, simply turn it inside out and rinse it off under running water.

And drying our bag is even easier: Simply place it on the sturdy ring and let it air-dry upside down. The nylon material has enough stability so that it will stand up by itself, which will allow it to air-dry within just a few minutes.

Or bag is made of 100% food-grade nylon.

It measures approximately 9 inches in length and is 5 inches wide. The diameter of the ring is 4 inches.

My 2 cents:     The idea for this strainer bag was born a while back when I had started to make fresh whole-fruit grapefruit juice in my Vitamix. At first, I never strained it at all, and simply drank it just like it came out of the blender. However, this little bit of pulp that was left in the juice always felt a little weird in my throat. So I ordered one of these drawstring bags online, and I was very happy with the results. The juice was so much smoother and I really liked the result!

What I didn't like was this drawstring-bag. Is was big, cheaply made with bad craftsmanship and an absolute pain to clean and dry.  So I knew that had to be a better way. 

I reached out to some commercial filter bag manufactures, and we were able to create our new Nut Milk Bag together. We combined my ideas and experience with their expertise in the manufacturing of commercial-grade filters - and the final result is now here for you to order. I'm 100% convinced of its quality and performance - and I'm sure that you will enjoy using it too!

This product ships for free via USPS First Class Mail.

What you get with this purchase:

2 Nut Milk Bags;

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
perfect supplement to this beast-mode blender

i ordered the blender and received these filter bags as a free gift on a promotion. used them for apple juice and oat milk so far. both drinks turned out awesome.
thank you for that beast of a blender and the free filter bags <3

very nice

Very nice strainer bags. easy to use and they make ultra smooth almond milk. super easy to clean too. thumbs up!

Very nice Strainer bag - beautifully smooth drinks

So far I've made coconut milk twice and almond milk once in the past week since I received my package. The homemade coconut milk is incredible, I can't stop drinking it. Everything comes out beautifully smooth.
I really twisted the hell out of my bag to get every last drop and it's holding up well. My best friend uses a different strainer bag and the seams are nowhere near this strong.
It is easy to clean. I turned it inside out and rinsed it well. Overall I'm super excited with my new tornado blender and the strainer bags :)

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Customer Reviews

96 reviews

Excellent product. We used to have to get a new blender every 6-12 months. Sucked! but this blender is powerful and durable. Great blender.

Excelente servicio y excelente calidad de producto


Strong and reliable. Superior service.

We bought the blender about a year ago. We use it almost daily and heavily. Mainly to make soups and smoothies.

My wife is diabetic so we really love all the options that this blender gives us. The owner provided us with a free recipe book and he also gave us recommendations where to find more. I appreciated his friendly service, as this has become rare these days.
I recommend this Tornado blender to anybody, especially those who are suffering from diabetes.

Fantastic blender

I am very pleased with the power and quality of this blender! It is very similar to many of the leading brands of high end blenders on the market.

Very useful potent and easy

Very useful potent and easy to use